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API Management

WSO2 API Manager is a unique open approach to full lifecycle API development, integration and management. As part of the larger WSO2 Integration Agile Platform, it is a central component used to deploy and manage API-driven ecosystems. It’s hybrid integration capabilities further simplify projects that span traditional as well as microservice environments. And unlike other API and lifecycle management products, it is fully open-source allowing for extensibility and customization.

Our team offer WSO2 API Manager customization and implementation services, that make you Data Portal fill and like within your marketing needs. We can adapt and extend  API Manager with additional features like password reset or other functionality.

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Service Description

Deploy and Cluster the API Manager
The WSO2 APM is complex IT solution based on JAVA may be deployed in many different configurations from simple all-in-one test environment where all components are installed in one system, and external integrations is not implemented until distributed cluster deployments with many integrations with external LDAP, DBMS, Identity services. Where are options to deploy API Store, API vendor site, admin portal and gateways on different machines to provide scalability in large implementation.
User specific API implementation and data management

To enrich the functionality of WSO2 API Manager we are offer additional middleware software solution called node-red that helps us to integrate, aggregate and prepare the endpoints for our APIs in very efficient way.  This tool is using great GUI that saved us hours or even weeks on API management.


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NodeRed Integration Platform

Node-Red is the development platform for stress-free backend integration

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Axios assyst

We offer integration and implementation services for award-wining 15 processes certified ITIL toolbox Axios Assyst
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Microservice-based Applications

Microservices offer great benefits but also raise huge new challenges. Microservice architecture patterns are fundamental pillars when creating a microservice-based application.
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