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Microservice-based Applications

Microservices offer great benefits but also raise huge new challenges. Microservice architecture patterns are fundamental pillars when creating a microservice-based application.

Enterprise applications can be complex and are often composed of multiple services instead of a single service-based application.

Although, even when containers are enablers and a great fit for microservices, they aren't mandatory for a microservice architecture and many architectural concepts in this architecture section could be applied without containers, too.

Why Microservices ?

In short, it provides long-term agility. Microservices enable better maintainability in complex, large, and highly-scalable systems by letting you create applications based on many independently deployable services that each have granular and autonomous lifecycles.

We offer integration and implementation services for Microservices, that help you to integrate all your information sources and Architect fine-grained microservices-based applications that enables you with continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) practices.


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Virtual Server (VDS)

The virtual private servers allow for a gradual transition from web hosting to the self-management of a virtual server. No matter how fast your applications can grow and your need for autonomy, our VPS services will provide you with the best value for money.
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NodeRed Integration Platform

Node-Red is the development platform for stress-free backend integration

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API Management

We offer WSO2 API Management expertise - An open source approach to addressing any spectrum of the API lifecycle, monetization and policy enforcement.

Our team offer WSO2 API Manager customization and implementation services, that make you Data Portal fill and like within your marketing needs.
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