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On-Premise Large Language Models (LLM)

Our on-premise AI LLM deployment services offer businesses the highest level of control and security over their AI infrastructure. This approach enables organizations to:

• Maintain full ownership and control over their AI data and models
• Avoid potential data privacy and security risks associated with cloud-based deployments
• Customize and tailor the AI LLM solution to meet their specific business requirements
• Optimize AI LLM performance without relying on external cloud providers

from 2 500 €

Control and Security with On-Premise Deployment

Deployment and Customization

FastServers IT's team of experienced AI experts will guide businesses through every step of the on-premises AI LLM deployment process, ensuring a seamless and secure implementation. Services include:

  • Thorough risk assessment for data privacy compliance: FastServers IT will conduct a thorough risk assessment to ensure compliance with data privacy regulations and safeguard sensitive information.

  • Customized deployment strategy: A customized deployment strategy is designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of each business.

  • Expert installation, configuration, and integration: FastServers IT will expertly install, configure, and integrate AI LLMs with existing IT infrastructure.

  • Comprehensive training and support: Businesses will receive comprehensive training and support to ensure that their team is proficient in operating and maintaining the AI LLM infrastructure.

Support and Maintenance

FastServers IT's dedicated support team will provide 24/7 L1 and L2 support for on-premises AI LLM infrastructure. Services include:

  • Prompt response to any issues: Prompt response to any issues that may arise ensures minimal disruptions to business operations.

  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance: Proactive monitoring and maintenance help prevent potential issues and ensure optimal AI LLM performance.

  • Consulting services for optimization: Consulting services are available to help businesses address challenges, optimize AI LLM performance, and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in AI LLM technology.

Elevate Your Business with On-Premise AI LLMs

Partner with FastServers IT and unlock the transformative power of AI LLMs with on-premises deployment. We will empower you to:

  • • Foster innovation and collaboration with secure and controlled AI infrastructure

  • • Comply with data privacy regulations and safeguard sensitive information

  • • Optimize AI LLM performance for your specific business needs

  • • Gain a competitive edge with the flexibility and control of on-premises deployment

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Virtual Server (VDS)

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